Product Name: Semi-automatic Coagulation Analyzer
Product size: 228*219*57mm 
Part visible surface: Texturing
Product material: PC+ABS
Shrinkage rate %: 0.6
Cavity quantity: 1*1
Injection machine type: 200T
Cycle time: 36S
Product Take out way: Manipulator/Cupula
Cooling system:  cold runner
Cavity and core steel: 718H
Mold base standard:  LKM
Terminal Customer: Maccura 

◇◆ Product Features

In this set of products, the surface shell mold can adopt large nozzle mold or hot nozzle to cool the flow channel mold, which can not only meet customer requirements but also reduce the cost of the mold;
Among them, the way of glue injection is diving, but the glue inlet is different from the common conical shape but similar to duck mouth shape, which can reduce the pressure of glue injection and prevent shrinkage lines.

The back shell mold is fine nozzle mold or single hot nozzle mold can meet the customer requirements.
In the mold processing, the front mold processing is very important, the front mold surface can meet, relatively flat, in the design of the front mold as far as possible to make the prominent part of the front mold insert, in order to facilitate the shape of the small R Angle can be directly processed by 3 axis or 5 axis machining center molding, if you can't do it, you should do the whole graphite electrode Electric Discharge Machining molding.