Product Name: Immune analyzer plastic part
Product size: 447*329*61mm
Part visible surface: Texturing
Product material: PC+ABS
Shrinkage rate %: 0.6
Cavity quantity: 1*1
Injection machine type: 350T
Cycle time: 42S
Product Take out way: Manipulator/Cupula
Cooling system: cold runner
Cavity and core steel: 718H
Mold base standard: DME
Terminal Customer: Philips
Export: America

◇◆ Product Features

In this set of products, the surface shell mold can adopt the fine nozzle mold or the hot runner to cool the runner mold;
The surface of the product is smooth, it is necessary to pay attention to the parting surface of the transition to be smooth, try not to appear grade difference;
Select four sides into the glue, reduce the injection pressure, reduce the internal stress of the product, Prevent product warping;
Balance the thimble to prevent white top.

Medical treatment product should avoid acute Angle as far as possible in the design respect, make round horn transition everywhere, protuberant place is to reflect streamline beauty to be able to use big slope chamfer transition.
This is very conducive to the cleaning and disinfection of staff.
In terms of material selection process, the shell process should adopt the process of high hardness, abrasion resistance and strong material combination as far as possible.
Such as IML, IMF, UV, it is best not to use electroplating, ordinary spraying and other easy to wear, scratch, fall off the process.