◇◆ Product parameters

Part Name: switch
Part size: 92.8*61.2*8.6mm
Raw Material: ABS
Color: RAL9010,White
Mould Cavity No.: 1*4
Injection gate: Cold runner with sub gate
Surface finished:  Polishing #600
Core &Cavity steel: M310,hardness 52~55HRC
Mold component standard: DME or equivalent
Injection machine size: 250T
Cycle time: 35S
Mold life: 300000 shots
Customer: Siemens
Export: Uruguay

◇◆ Summary for project running
This product used for electrical appliance,the light switch.Plastic raw material need in inflaming retarding and heat resistant.

We carried out first trial shot on 35th day,twice trial shots for samples production,and finished whole project in 45days.Manufacture schedule,samples delivery and mold shipment date ran as planing,within customer’s request. Due to many thin and high side ribs,part stick on core side tightly.Mold need smooth polishing and need enough ejection pins and as big as possible.Sink mark problem on surface easily to cause,due the part thickness is too thick and not equal,we solved it by adjusting injection parameter.Four hooks distance need to be molding in high precision location,Because they will assemble to bottom shelf.To make it work well,we cut material at first trial shot.After checking first samples,made correction to mold.So that the secondary samples met assembly requirement.

Another problem we met on first trial shot was the ribs short shot.Because they were very thin and high,plastic filling easily to get cold when injection.Later we had a discussion,decided to change the side gate to two sub gates,change core cooling water to hot oil,100℃,and add injection pressure,so that filling time shorten a lot,finally we got excellent part. This experience also can apply to similar product with thin and high ribs.