Part Name: Electronic connector
Part size: 18*15*3mm
Raw Material: NYLON+30%GF
Color: RAL9005,Black
Mould Cavity No.: 16+16
Injection gate: Cold runner 
Surface finished:  Polishing #600
Core &Cavity steel: 1.2344, hardness 48~52HRC
Mold component standard: DME or equivalent
Injection machine size: 120T
Cycle time: 18S
Mold life: 300000 shots
Customer: AEC
Export: USA

◇◆ Summary for project running
This product used for electrical connector. And was supposed to be molded in glass-fiber-reinforced, flame-retardant nylon.

There are many small pin holes on part. Hole’s diameter is 0.6mm with 2.2mm distance of each. Dimension tolerance should be within +/-0.01mm.   Mold design-We will make this mold with 2+2cavity, cold runner in to banana gate. To make parts leave on core side, parting line should be on top. And all pin holes location need to be inserted. Because the hole diameter and distance need to keep in strict tolerance. Separated insert make it easy to replace. Need to pay high attention to electrode making and EDM process. We made whole electrode include all pin holes position, then checked by CMM machine, until shown it was made in proper dimension, took to Mirror EDM manufacture.

Injection-Any mismatch or flash in switch(female half) hole would cause male half pin bend, so this request holding pressure not too high. but also guarantee not cause sink mark on outside surface. Although the part and mold is small, enough cooling line still necessary. Because the part quantity in demand is one million each month, we need to cut down cycle time as much as possible. So that we can save production cost.