◇◆ Product parameters

Part Name: socket
Part size: 52*52*59mm
Raw Material: ABS
Color: Grey
Mould Cavity No.: 1*2
Injection gate: Cold runner with sub gate
Surface finished:  VDI3400-33
Core &Cavity steel: 1.2344,hardness 48~52HRC
Mold component standard: DME or equivalent
Injection machine size: 180T
Cycle time: 35S
Mold life: 100000 shots
Customer: Siemens
Export: Uruguay


Molded part

This socket has two slots on the two opposite sides close to the back wall.No witness marks from side sores or slides are permitted on the outer surface of the box between the upper edge and these openings.On the other had,sink marks are not allowed near the openings on both the side walls and inside of the box,since these areas are visible once the box is installed.

Mold design
The core of the mold,four small side holes are of conventional design.All remaining components are standard or off-the-shelf items.For instance,a standard mold base with dimensions of 200mmX300mm is employed.The mold shut height is 311mm,Plate thickness are also based on standard dimensions.
Steel grade 1.2344,through-hardened 48-52HRC,was employed for the mold cavity and core.An inner core with helical grooves provides cooling for the stationary-side mold plate. Given the art geometry and the requirement that there be no witness lines on the outside surface,the side cores for the round openings must be placed on the stationary side mold plate.
The ejector plate assembly is actuated by the ejector rod,which is connected to the injection machine ejector,All guiding and wear components have been treated with DME standard.