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My opinions and advocacies of Chinese mold manufacturing and export enterprises #injection mould

My opinions and advocacies of Chinese mold manufacturing and export enterprises #injection mould


China's mold manufacturing is roughly divided into the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and Bohai Rim area. Molds in the Pearl River Delta are mainly exported, and the project follow-up service is the best. The quality of the molds is better, and the price is naturally slightly higher. The Yangtze River Delta is famous for its low price. In recent years, mold quality and exports have improved significantly. Bohai Rim mainly serves large companies with domestic mold demands, and mainly produces and sells domestically.

As someone who has been engaged in mold export in the Pearl River Delta for 20 years, I realised that the rapid development of molds in the Pearl River Delta has benefited from the capital driven by the proximity to Hong Kong and the opportunity of China's entry into WTO. Companies that were engaged in mold manufacturing, especially exported in the early years have achieved good growth and primitive accumulation. In the past 20 years, some companies have violated the core competitiveness of Pearl River Delta mold companies, losing quality or delivery services, or quality iterations cannot keep up with the needs of mold innovation. A large number of high-precision cutting-edge molds still rely on imports. This is a problem worth thinking about for our mold practitioners. A mold company should be a high-tech enterprise but actually it is just a mold processing factory without any R&D or innovation.

China's 40 years of reformation and opening up have actually given the world a comprehensive understanding of China, and it has only been 20 years since China joined WTO. Japan and South Korea have been integrated with Western industrial for several generations. In terms of friendship and familiarity, China definitely does not have the advantage over them.Western companies are more willing to deal with Japanese and Korean people, not because Chinese are not good, but because they do not have as long relationship with them. Therefore, today, when global demand is shrinking, China's mold export orders are declining sharply, making it difficult to move forward. In this case, westerners are more likely to choose partners with a longer relationship, which makes sense.

Then there is no chance for Chinese mold makers? Obviously not.

Pay attention to your own business reputation. If product is not done well, you should compensate it or redo it. Don’t let your customers feel that they have no chips at all in doing business with you. No one wants to leave their destiny to the others. Even the money is in your card, it is only temporarily kept for the customer. If the mold has not passed the final inspection, the money does not fully belong to you. This is basic business responsibility.

Pay more attention to customers’ demands. When customer’s hundreds or thousands or millions of dollars are in your hands, any of his demands are reasonable, any questions and doubts must be answered on time. Even requiring you to show up in his office with samples within 24 hours is understandable.

Paying more attention to quality improvement, while increasing investment in hardware equipment, we must strengthen joint training of talents between schools and enterprises at the same time. The mold major has been canceled in many universities, which is very incomprehensible. In future technological innovation, most products will require highly skilled mold talents to support them.

Paying attention to delivery deadlines, especially the work efficiency of Europeans is simply indescribable. Half of the manufacturing cycle can fully cover customers' mass production needs even includes sea transportation time.

The above is for communication among colleagues. This is what I am thinking and doing! Do your own things and everything will fall into place.

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