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Monitoring shell for Siemens

Monitoring shell for Siemens

Monitoring shell for Siemens

Product Name
monitoring shell
Product size
Part visible surface
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Product Details
Euromicron's cnc service is perfect in every detail.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.Closely following the market trend, Euromicron uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology to produce cnc service. The product receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favorable price.
Application Scope
Euromicron's cnc service is widely used in various industries and fields.In addition to providing high-quality products, Euromicron also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.
Company Advantages
1. Euromicron Mould medical plastic molding is manufactured with the support of expert professional.
2. The product has good refractoriness under load capacity which is directly determined by the effective porosity and the volume density.
3. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited now serves many brand customers worldwide.
4. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited's customer service is trained to provide good support for sales teams and customers.

Product Name:monitoring shell 
Product size:607*559*461mm 
Part visible surface:Texturing
Product material:PC+ABS
Shrinkage rate %:0.6
Cavity quantity:1*1
Injection machine type:500T
Cycle time:45S
Product Take out way:Manipulator/Cupula
Cooling system:cold runner
Cavity and core steel:718H
Mold base standard:HASCO
Terminal Customer:Siemens 

◇◆ Product Features
Monitoring shell for Siemens-1

In this set of products, the surface shell mold can adopt large nozzle mold or hot nozzle to cool the flow channel mold, which can not only meet customer requirements but also reduce the cost of the mold;
Among them, the way of glue injection is diving, but the glue inlet is different from the common conical shape but similar to duck mouth shape, which can reduce the pressure of glue injection and prevent shrinkage lines.
This product made in ABS+PC material, which can improve the heat resistance, impact resistance and tensile properties of ABS and enable ABS to be used in high-end fields.
On the other hand, it can reduce the melt viscosity of PC, improve the fluidity of PC, improve its processing performance, reduce the internal stress of products, reduce the sensitivity of impact strength to gap and thickness, so that PC can be used for the manufacture of thin-wall long process products.

Monitoring shell for Siemens-2

Since the front mold of this product has bone position and screw column, in order to prevent adhesion of the front mold, the slider can be used in the middle part of the product to force the rear mold.
In the aspect of medical product assembly, it is best to be supplemented by hot-melt method, or adopt the method of fastening seal and front shell as a whole to strengthen the degree and increase the tightness. All external interfaces shall be protected and sealed by rubber protective cover to prevent internal pollution of the product.

Company Features
1. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited is an independent company specializing in medical device parts .
2. The factory implements a strict quality control system to guide the whole production process. This system has helped increase the whole productivity and regulate the operation, which eventually contributes to improving product quality.
3. There are a big sample display room in Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited. Contact! Following the guideline of medical plastic molding , Euromicron Mould strongly believes it will advance better in the near future. Contact! Euromicron Mould has strong faith in producing high quality medical spare parts with competitive price with our relentless efforts. Contact! Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited will continue forging ahead. Contact!
In order to achieve a compact and miniature design, Euromicron Mould medical spare parts is carefully designed with the help of advanced integrated circuits technology which gathers and encapsulates major components on a board. The qualities of real leather make it dust- and stain- resistant
Euromicron Mould medical spare parts is produced in a dust-free and bacteria-free workshop in which the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled and monitored, so as to ensure its high quality. The product features high resistance to puncture
Unlike most similar alternatives which contain lead, mercury, or cadmium, the raw materials used in Euromicron Mould medical spare parts are strictly selected and inspected to prevent any environmental pollution and health risk to people. Texture and grain are the primary reasons why this product is popular
Euromicron Mould medical plastic molding is developed containing special Electro-Magnetic Interference Suppression Components. These components help reduce or eliminate noise caused by electromagnetism. Made of leather, it is inherently resistant to heat and flame
Euromicron Mould medical plastic molding is created by the in-house designers who many years of designing experience in the electronics industry. They devote themselves to creating a product that embraces excellent performance and is chased after in the market. Made of top grain leather, it is not susceptible to direct sunlight and humidity
The product is innoxious. It is tested with professional equipment to make sure it is non-toxic and free of harmful substance during the production. It is odor resistant due to the good breathability and hygroscopicity of the leather
The product is 100% toxic free. It has been clinically tested in terms of materials or parts, and it has proved that no toxic substances are found.
This product is eco-friendly and harmless. The materials or parts used in it are guaranteed to meet the environmental protection standards of European and American.
The product features excellent wear and tear resistance. It is treated with a special surface technique which makes it withstand heavy use. It can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth
This product has superior quality and stable performance. It has high practical functionality and is durable in mobile phone use. The subtle and meticulous edges showcase its high-end detailing
The product is wear and tear resistant. Its materials are all abrasion-proof and have excellent chemical and physical strength and stiffness. It stands out with the premium wearability for long-term use
The product features signal high-efficiency. 'It reacts to the response very quickly and accurately', said by customers who purchased it 2 years ago. The realistic quality means it does not contain allergens and carcinogenic dyes
Being an essential part of modern society, the product contributes a lot of convenience to people in their daily life. It is resistant to tear due to the high tensile strength of the leather being used
The product needs little maintenance. It is not easy to accumulate dust, nor its components or parts are easily subject to breakdown. It will continue to look good, as the leather is able to heal itself of blemishes and scratches
The product needs no very special care and maintenance. People are totally free of the worry that they have to spend huge on replacing its components and parts. The realistic quality means it does not contain allergens and carcinogenic dyes
It produces very little heat during its whole operation process. Unlike many alternatives which heat up after they are used for 2 hours, it is totally different from them, said by some of our customers. The qualities of real leather make it dust- and stain- resistant
The product is energy keeping. Buyers of this product said using it didn't add much electricity bill cost monthly. It can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth
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