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Euromicron Mould tv molded plastics request for quote for home application

Euromicron Mould tv molded plastics request for quote for home application
  • Euromicron Mould tv molded plastics request for quote for home application

Euromicron Mould tv molded plastics request for quote for home application

Eco-friendly materials are used in the producing of Euromicron Mould molded plastics. With its strong performance, this product doubles down on stain prevention
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Molding process parameters and process analysis of TV shell material

Molding process parameters

-- The molding process parameters of plastic parts mainly include temperature, pressure and time.
-- Temperature injection molding process needs to control the temperature of the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature.
(1) the selection of the temperature of the barrel should ensure that the plastics are well plasticized and can be injected without any trouble It causes the plastic to break down.
(2) the selection of nozzle temperature material barrel and nozzle temperature shall be compatible with other process conditions. Barrel and nozzle
The effect of temperature on the forming condition and the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic parts is very significant.
(3) the mold temperature has a great influence on the internal performance and performance quality of the plastic parts.
Mold temperature according to whether plastic parts crystallization, plastic parts size and structure requirements.

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Pressure in injection molding process includes plasticizing pressure and injection pressure, both of which directly affect the plasticizing of plastics and the quality of plastic parts.

(1) the plasticizing pressure in the injection process varies with the design of plastic rods, the quality requirements of plastic parts and the types of plastic parts.
(2) the injection pressure depends on the type of injection molding machine, mold structure, wall thickness of plastic parts, type of plastic parts and injection molding process.

The time of a single injection molding cycle includes injection time (mold filling time and pressure maintaining time), mold closing cooling time and other time (mold opening, mold release, mold coating, insert placement, mold closing time, etc.).

(1) the filling time in production is 3-5s.
The pressure holding time of injection time is large, usually about 20 ~ 120s.
Before the weld solidification at the gate, the length of the holding time has a direct impact on the size accuracy of the plastic parts, while that at the gate has no effect after condensation.
The holding time shall be subject to the time with the smallest contraction fluctuation range of the plastic part.
(2) the cooling time depends on the thickness of the plastic parts, their thermal and crystalline properties, and the mold temperature.
The cooling time is about 30 ~ 120s.
Too long cooling time will make it difficult to unform complex plastic parts.
Injection molding process control factors: temperature, pressure and time, all need to be based on the type of plastic, plastic parts thickness and shape and mold structure to appropriate selection.

The color scheme of plastic injection molding manufacturers makes it more harmonious and more colorful. The design can be varied based on customers' needs
Euromicron Mould molded plastics adopts the smooth and high-efficiency manufacturing process. This product has a neutral pH, which means it will be gentle on gums and tooth enamel
Euromicron Mouldmolded plastics has an innovative and practical design which is well-received in the market. Its shell color can be customized according to needs
The design idea of Euromicron Mould molded plastics keeps up with the modern aesthetic trend. This product offers considerable results after only a few days
Euromicron Mould molded plastics is designed based on market demands. Since it is peroxide-free and fluoride-free, it is friendly to just about everyone's teeth
This product has a combination of superior performance and long life compared to competing products. Its packaging can be customized per customers' specifications
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