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Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions

Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions

Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions
  • Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions

Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions

The product is corrosion resistance in extreme conditions. Its parts have been electroplated with a layer of metal membrane to resist the chemical influence.
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Product Details
Euromicron's cnc service is of excellent quality, which is reflected in the details.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.Euromicron's cnc service is manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low product. Such a product is up to customers' needs for a highly cost-effective product.
Application Scope
Euromicron's cnc service can be widely used in various fields.With a focus on customers, Euromicron analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.
Company Advantages
1. The basic principle of designing Euromicron Mould plastic mold factory is a balance. This product is created in the number of ways including shape, color, pattern and even texture.
2. The product is corrosion resistance in extreme conditions. Its parts have been electroplated with a layer of metal membrane to resist the chemical influence.
3. The product is anti-UV. The gel coating is applied to this product, providing a layer of protection to withstand sunlight exposure.
4. Increasing the competitiveness of customers with timely delivery time, stable quality is the promise from Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited.

Molding process parameters and process analysis of TV shell material

Molding process parameters

-- The molding process parameters of plastic parts mainly include temperature, pressure and time.
-- Temperature injection molding process needs to control the temperature of the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature.
(1) the selection of the temperature of the barrel should ensure that the plastics are well plasticized and can be injected without any trouble It causes the plastic to break down.
(2) the selection of nozzle temperature material barrel and nozzle temperature shall be compatible with other process conditions. Barrel and nozzle
The effect of temperature on the forming condition and the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic parts is very significant.
(3) the mold temperature has a great influence on the internal performance and performance quality of the plastic parts.
Mold temperature according to whether plastic parts crystallization, plastic parts size and structure requirements.

Euromicron Mould toner molding design bulk purchase for various occasions-1
Pressure in injection molding process includes plasticizing pressure and injection pressure, both of which directly affect the plasticizing of plastics and the quality of plastic parts.

(1) the plasticizing pressure in the injection process varies with the design of plastic rods, the quality requirements of plastic parts and the types of plastic parts.
(2) the injection pressure depends on the type of injection molding machine, mold structure, wall thickness of plastic parts, type of plastic parts and injection molding process.

The time of a single injection molding cycle includes injection time (mold filling time and pressure maintaining time), mold closing cooling time and other time (mold opening, mold release, mold coating, insert placement, mold closing time, etc.).

(1) the filling time in production is 3-5s.
The pressure holding time of injection time is large, usually about 20 ~ 120s.
Before the weld solidification at the gate, the length of the holding time has a direct impact on the size accuracy of the plastic parts, while that at the gate has no effect after condensation.
The holding time shall be subject to the time with the smallest contraction fluctuation range of the plastic part.
(2) the cooling time depends on the thickness of the plastic parts, their thermal and crystalline properties, and the mold temperature.
The cooling time is about 30 ~ 120s.
Too long cooling time will make it difficult to unform complex plastic parts.
Injection molding process control factors: temperature, pressure and time, all need to be based on the type of plastic, plastic parts thickness and shape and mold structure to appropriate selection.

Company Features
1. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited is a renowned company which integrates manufacturing, processing, dyeing and selling of molding design .
2. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited introduced advanced technology of custom injection molding .
3. We aim to be the best supplier for our customers. Except for focusing on product manufacturing, we will learn about different cultures which will give us a new perspective on relations with customers. This eventually will help us work better with clients. We don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best — for people and for the planet. We will protect the environment by cutting wastes, reducing emissions/discharges, and seeking ways to fully utilize resources. We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and territories where we do business.

Whatever you have completed CAD drawing or just an idea or concept, MRP could start working


together with you for your project. We can promptly take your concepts into CAD models or


take your CAD design into mold design.


We support all design stages of product development, from conceptualization to unfixed CAD


drawings or according to customers’ samples. We closely work with our customer to


understand the desired product characteristics and production requirements, and we take


advantage of our best knowledges and skills to turn customer’s idea into quality products.


If you send us the completed CAD drawings, we firstly will review and analyze them to


identify any issues for design, manufacturability and efficient production.


We have CAD/CAM/CAE system and mainly utilize below advanced softwares for designing and




- Pro/Engineer / SolidWorks / Unigraphics (3D Modeling)


- AutoCAD (2D Modeling)


- CATIA (3D Modeling)


- MasterCAM (CNC Programming)


- MoldFlow Mold Advisor (Plastic flow/deform simulation)


We think mold design and construction is a key important step for mold manufacturing. To


guarantee high quality plastic parts, we analyze and determine mold structure from gates,


runners, cooling system and ejector system to make sure the best solution are used. Also,


we pay more attention to details, such as mold steel, mold base, mold accessories, plastic


raw material selection, etc. We always send mold design solution and drawings to customers


for approval before tooling start.




plastic mold injection maker 

 1) Injection mould material (for core and cavity) : 718, 136H, NAK80, P20 or according to  

     customer's requirements


  2) Mould structure: hydraulic cylinder, motor, ejector, slider, slope guide pillars


  3) We can design product drawings and moulds drawings by software CAD, UG, PRO/E,

      Solidworks, Catia


  4) Standard mould base with intensive cooling system


  5) Mirror polished


  6) Send samples to customers for check the quality


  7) Customers' designs are welcome



Mould Base

LKM , Hasco, DME ,TSMP,MSMOU ect ;


Cavity material


P20,KD-61,NIMAX ect


Steel hardness




Pre-Harden, Nitriding, Heat treatment,Quenching


Cavity Qty

Single-cavity / Multi-cavity






Submarine gate, side/edge gate, direct gate ect


Plastic material for the parts



Mould Life

500K – 5millon shots at least


Design Software

Cimatron, UG,VISI,CAD, 3D MAX ,PRO-E, SolidWorks etc,



CNC, high speed carve, EDM,wiring-cutting,drill, polish etc



ISO9001:2000 Certificate


Lead Time

10-30 workdays depends on the different products



Wooden Case Package or according to customer requirement


Price Term

FOB SHENZHEN and HK Port, China



T/T, L/C, western union , money gram


20 years professional manufacture experience, We are specialize in design and manufacture of plastic injection mould ( tooling) for Automotive, Electrical appliances ,Housewares ,Medical devices, Toys and Games, Communication industries and etc.


 OEM & ODM orders are welcome.





  Q. Why  Buy From us?

  A.Our company is a professional manufacturer  and staff are availble during our business hours . we are here to answear questions and assist your order.

  Q. How can i get some samples ? Free or not?

  A. We can send some normal samples, absolutely free.

If you need more information, please contact us.

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Euromicron Mould custom injection molding is designed considering the water treatment process which includes the aspects of filtration, ion exchange, and membrane bioreactors. With an adjustable stainless steel hanging wire, it is suitable for low and high profile ceilings
The metal parts of its electronic components are finely treated with paint, keeping Euromicron Mould molding design from oxidization and rust which may cause poor contact. Its high-quality acrylic panel contributes better light transmission
Euromicron Mould plastic mold factory is developed and constantly improved regarding its technical and aesthetic performance, making it perfectly meet the requirements in the sanitary ware industry. This product has been certified under CE, LVD, EMC, and RoHS
Euromicron Mould plastic mold factory is carefully manufactured. It adopts the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system for accuracy and PC-based controllers for flexibility. Featuring eye-friendliness, it protects the eyes from harsh infrared or ultraviolet radiation
Euromicron Mould molding design is carefully designed. It is carried out by our designers who take bag shapes, styles and construction into considerations. It can be designed with direct or indirect illumination
The suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the quality management system shall be continually improved to ensure its quality. Emitting soft light, the product is glare-free
The product has passed through many quality tests and third-party certifications. With a modern elegant design, it is loved by many interior designers
The performance of this product has reached the international advanced level. The product is recognized as green lighting.
Our strict quality control ensures the product to meet with the industry quality standard. The product is characterized by high-temperature resistance
This product is well equipped and ensured a longer functional life.
The product has long-term service, stable performance, and great durability, etc. The product is widely installed in hotels, offices, homes, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc
The product is hypoallergenic, hence, it is often recommended for those with skin allergies or skin sensitive or used in medical products.
The product is recyclable and biodegradable, meaning that people will not be adding to the growing piles of textile waste. The product is widely installed in hotels, offices, homes, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc
People who used it for many years said it does not easily get pilling or fussy balls and it can withstand heavy wear and tear. With quality heat dissipation device, the product features efficient conversion to reduce heat
It has good tensile strength and durability, which makes it be less vulnerable to ripping or tearing and withstand many times of washing. Made of the high-quality acrylic panel, it will not turn yellow
Our customers praise that the product has good structure strength, and it will not easily fray or rupture even our customers stretch it. The product is perfect for kitchen islands, bar counters, study rooms, stairways, hall villas, etc
It does not need special treatment or designated cleaning methods. It is easy to care with just a simple and proper washing method. The product is recognized as green lighting
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