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Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant

Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant

Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant
  • Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant
  • Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant

Euromicron Mould OEM ODM car body molding audi for merchant

People say that it brings much convenience and they have no worry that their fingers get burned by the heat. Its manufacturing meets the international quality standards
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Company Advantages
1. Such design of injection molding manufacturing companies could potentially revolutionize car body molding industry. The product stands out with its excellent dimensional consistency
2. People say that it brings much convenience and they have no worry that their fingers get burned by the heat. Its manufacturing meets the international quality standards
3. The quality of the product is dependable, which is recognized by the authoritative third party. The product is processed by about 400 staff with many years of experience
4. A good quality control system and management system ensure the quality of the product. The product goes through several inspections before delivery with defects removed
5. Its functional defects have been eliminated. The complete after-sales service system is rendered for the product to maximize customer value

This trail mold was used to injection Auto door plastic part in different thermoplastics, such as  PC/ABS blend and modified PA, elastomer-modified PC, PC/PBTP blend and modified PBTTB for a number of manufacturing companies.
The two-cavities mold for Auto door plastic part consists essentially of sprue half with the hot runner system and the ejector mold half. Pillars and bushings serve to guide the two mold halves. When the mold is closed. The mold halves are fixed relative to each other via angled surfaces and wear plates.
Gating and temperature control. The molding compound passes through a sprue bushing into the hot runner made of steel (material number 1.2311). From four heated nozzles, also of steel (material number 1.2162), it passes through cold feed channels to the various gates of the mold cavity. The gates measure 15 mm X 1.2 mm.

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The hot runner manifold block is heated by cartridge heaters which are pressed against it by laterally bolted cover strips. The distributor lies in a recess of the feed-side mold plate and is pressed by the hot runner covering plate against the nozzles via spacer rings. Guide components prevent the manifold from twisting about the locating device. They also allow the manifold to expand and contract during heating and cooling. The hot runner nozzles are each centered in their locator bores in mold plate by means of three contact surfaces in such a way that they do not experience the expansion and contraction undergone by the manifold. The contact surfaces facing the manifold are convex. Transfer areas for the molding compound are sealed with steel O-rings. The ends of the hot runner nozzles on the mold side have conical bores. In this region. Their exteriors fit snugly into the mold platen to ensure good thermal conduction and thus rapid cooling of the sprue formed therein.

On mold opening, the frozen sprue separates from the hot melt in the manifold at the narrowest point of the conical bore. The nozzles are heated with heating collars. Two temperature probes are attached to each nozzle to monitor and regulate the temperature. The cartridge heaters in the manifold are arranged in seven groups, each of which is individually regulated. The cartridges have an installed rating of about 40 KW.
The melt pressure in the manifold is registered by pressure sennsor P. and that in the cavity, by sensor P. and cann therefore be used for control purposes. The temperature-control system consists of a network of bores in the two mold hales. Heat sensors T measure the temperature in the mold.
Ejection of the Auto door plastic part
When the mold opens, the molded part remains in the moving half. The sprues are also held in place by sprue pullers above the ejector pins. As soon as the stripper plates are pushed forward by the ejector of the machine, the ejector pins push the molded part along with the sprues from the mold core. On mold closing, the ejector plates and thus also the ejector pins are pushed back by ejector-plate return pins. The mold plate is supported by rolls projecting right through the ejector plates to the clamping plate.

Company Features
1. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited mainly develops, produces, and sells injection molding manufacturing companies for many years. We have been recognized as a credible manufacturer.
2. We are blessed by a team of highly skilled professionals who work hard to fabrication in accordance with the specifications laid by the clients. Owing to their proficiency and passion towards their work, we have achieved specified organizational goals like quality production along with complete client satisfaction.
3. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited will constantly improve itself, developing new ideas and create a well-known brand in car body molding industry. Check it!
Euromicron Mould injection molding manufacturing companies not only meets domestic quality standards but also meets international quality and safety standards for LED lamps such as RoHS and CE. The materials make it less subject to damage such as scratches and pits
In order to improve the luminous efficiency, Euromicron Mould injection molding manufacturing companies uses high-quality optical lenses. It has been verified that the optical lens is reliable and is not easily cracked or peeled off. It has been used in Kuwait bank, Guangzhou Jinmao club, Doha metro station, etc
Characterized by user-friendliness, Euromicron Mould injection molding manufacturing companies has passed the national optical radiation quality safety inspection to provide users with a safe and healthy light environment. Weather resistance makes it an ideal decoration for both indoor and outdoor use
The quality standard of Euromicron Mould injection molding manufacturing companies is high. It is processed by advanced light processing equipment and tested under severe quality tests. It contains no harmful metals such as nickel and lead
Euromicron Mould car body molding is tested many times in its manufacture. For example, drop tests are before shipment to ensure that all its components are well installed. It has optional materials including pure copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy
The product features thermal stability. Its thermal system doubles the protection and reduces the damage from overheating. Its fine concealed solder joints are effective in preventing oxidation and leakage
The product is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. The components used are cold-resistant run well in the coldest climate. It is corrosion-resistant with quality coating
The product has a dramatically high color rendering index. It allows the colors of items to appear clear, vivid and distinguishable. It is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble
The product is safe enough. The insulating material used not only protect against damage caused by static electricity but also avoids leakage. It is available in 316, 304 and 201stainless steel to ensure maximum longevity
The product is not prone to electromagnetic influence. It has passed the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) test and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as thunderstrike. It is protected with wax, oil or clear coat to seal the surface
The product features excellent shock resistance. Its lamp shade is made of aluminum alloy, which allows it to withstand any collision. With strong metal material, it is durable and less likely to bend
This product is easy to use. It is designed with international standard socket, and can be inserted and removed multiple times. Processed by precision cutting equipment, it has precise dimensions
This well-designed product achieves a fantastic lighting effect that is not only perfect for the ambiance but also good for the people's mood. It provides an environmentally-friendly decorative solution that utilizes recycled materials
People can enjoy the beautiful light of this product. there is little possibility that they will be distracted by the hot spots or glare of this product. The strong construction endows it with essential safety advantages
The long life of the product eliminates the need to change the lamp frequently, which is especially helpful for people living in remote areas. It has been exported to countries such as Kuwait and Indonesia
Its long life is one of the biggest selling points of this product. People does not have to replace the bulb because it does not often burn out. Being trimmed at edges, it has no sharp point that will cause hurt
This product is environmentally friendly. Being energy efficient, it is less likely to increase energy costs or cause environmental impact. Processed by precision cutting equipment, it has precise dimensions
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