Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited was found in 1995

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Euromicron Mould light injection molding manufacturers renovation solutions for trader

Euromicron Mould light injection molding manufacturers renovation solutions for trader

Product Name
Auto tank
Product size
Cycle time
Mercedes Benz
Company Advantages
1. With the help of talented experts, Euromicron Mould car body parts comes in various innovative design styles. Its structure proves to be firm and stable
2. Since entering the market, Euromicron Mould's products have become the preferred brand of large- and medium-sized car body parts companies. It does not contain any toxic material and meets the requirements of environmental protection
3. This product passes an international standard quality certification. Fast shipment is guaranteed for the product to improve customer satisfaction
4. Our QC team follows international quality standards to check the product quality. Made of well-selected materials, the product has a long service life
5. The product with long operation life undergoes extremely harsh quality control process. It is suitable for use in the high-temperature environment

◇◆ Product Features

The product is applied in the automobile Mercedes Benz. It is a part of the tank. It works in the high temperature environment. So it is made of the material PA66 with 30% glass fiber. This is a special heat-resistant material. Also it is a high strength engineering material. This composite materials have superiorities in size stability, formability, stretching resistance and impact resistance. This a long product. The length is 495mm. width is 76mm, height is 83mm. it is easy to deflect after injecting. So it is very important to solve deflect issue in the mold.

The mold is a two-cavities design with hot runner system. The valve gate of the hot runner system is directly on the part. We did mold flow analysis before mold design. Through technical analysis, we can estimate the deformation of the part and find some problems of injection molding. So that we saved some steel for late adjustment about deformation.Meanwhile, we did Some preventive measures for possible problems.

In this way, we can optimized the mold after trailing shoot until the molding was good. The structure of the part was a lot complex. There were some bosses and hooks at the side of the product. It needed several sliders to formed them. For cooling system, it was very important too. Good cooling system can decrease the deformation of the product and the cycle time. So we designed several sufficient cooling loops for this mold. Not only cooling loops were design in the core insert and cavity insert, but also cooling loops were designed in the sliders and the mold plate.

In that case, the temperature of the mold can be controlled well. And the product was very stable. The cycle time was about 41 seconds. By controlling the valves of the hot runner system, we can control the volume of each part and the balance of flowing. Because of the plastic material including 30%glass fiber, the steel of forming insert must be harden steel. We choose to use imported steel 1.2344 which hardness was about 52 HRC. The mold ran well. The mold run over 3 hours for testing before delivery to customer. Customer was satisfied the mold.

Company Features
1. At present, most of the car body parts series produced by us are original products in China.
2. From improving the quality of support, Euromicron Mould will pay additional attention to the culture institution. Get price!
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