Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited was found in 1995

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Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics

Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics
  • Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics
  • Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics
  • Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics
  • Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics
  • Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics

Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics

It has strong heavy wind resistance. Impact modifier and stabilizer have been added to its material and structure to guarantee this capacity.
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Enterprise Strength
  • Our excellence comes from the efforts of staff from such departments as R&D department, sales department, design department and production department. There are designers, R&D experts, and after-sales personnel in our company.
  • Meeting customers' needs is Euromicron's duty. The comprehensive service system is established to provide customers with personalized services and to improve their satisfaction.
  • Euromicron always sticks to our tenet of "quality comes first" by focusing on the quality control, service improvement, and fast response.
  • We have been dedicated to the manufacturing of cnc service for about years, and have become the leading enterprise in the industry. This enables us to introduce and operate a complete set of production equipment, and achieve intelligentization and standardization.
  • Since the establishment, our sales network has been continuously expanding to where our sales service is highly appraised by customers at home and abroad. In future, we would like to establish our marketing network overseas and expand the business further.
Product Comparison
Euromicron has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. die casting mold has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.The products we produce are in strict line with the . Their high quality is guaranteed through reliable material sourcing and strict QC methods.Compared with other same kind of products in the market, Euromicron's die casting mold is equipped with the following outstanding advantages.
Company Advantages
1. The production of Euromicron Mould injection molded electronics is divided into several phases including CNC cutting, turning, milling, welding, parts inspections, and assembly.
2. The product is less likely to irritate the allergic reactions. Sometimes, the preservatives could be harmful. But these preservatives contained are self-preserving to pose no risks on the skin.
3. It has strong heavy wind resistance. Impact modifier and stabilizer have been added to its material and structure to guarantee this capacity.
4. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited has established a strong brand competitive advantage.

This cover is part of an telecom set-top box.
The appearance surface has dimension of 396X56X45mm.There are one round opening ¢35 and one rectangular opening 20X150mm.Also there are many boss and rid in high side.There is undercut on right wall of long side.
Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics-1
Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics-2

◇◆ Product Features

Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics-3
Mold design

We set sprue bushing on round opening,when fill with sub gate from both sides.Ejector sleeve need locate on boss to help release part.Pin or insert for high side rib to help air venting,also for easily manufacture or EMD process.A slider would be need for side undercut.Since all outside surface are visible,no slider split line is allowed.This mean a tunnel slider would be needed on core side.Mold base size would be 600X400mm with height 350mm.The design of the mold provide for simultaneous opening of the two parting lines with the aid of two racks and a pinion for each side.As it is essential that no gate marks show on the front of the molded parts,injection had to take place on the inside.

Euromicron Mould andon electronic parts wholesale for andon electronics-4

This cover transfer heat quickly to mold surfaces.so that increased outlay on the cooling system is worthwhile in molds for such parts.Cooling of the core should be given special attention.Also some of the inserts are thin and very high.A beryllium/copper cap with six radial cooing channels is placed on the core insert.These cooling channel require drilling of the center of rube leading to the cap.This drilling weakens the center tube and there is the risk of rupture if the mounting nuts are tightened excessively.Compression spring are provided to permit an exactly defined tightening torque.Coolant is supplied to the cooling channels in the slides via tubes threaded into the slides.Slots in the guide strips allow these tubes to follow the motion of the slides.

Company Features
1. Since the foundation, Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited has built a reputation in the field of developing and manufacturing of injection molded electronics .
2. Studying the application of independent technological innovation will contribute to the dominant position of Euromicron Mould.
3. We respect our environment during our production. We adopt an efficient process by mainly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste, and water consumption. Our philosophy is "Honor the contract and keep promises; Searching for development with high quality; Serving guests with credibility". We are eagerly looking forward to cooperating with customers.

ODS Pilot burner
2.Air supplier:Gas
3.Used in gas range oven,gas heater with oxygen depletion sensor

ODS Pilot burner

Burner,ODS pilot-burnerworks as ignition part for gas applicance,such as BBQ grill,stoves,heaters,fireplace etc.

Suitable to NG and LPG

not only save energy,but protect environmental.

pressure of gas:25-30 Mbar

Gas flow:7.5e/h en air at 50 Mbar

Power:145W at 30 Mbar

The pilot flame of the ODS system is in contact with the ODS thermocouple that generates the necessary millivoltage needed to hold the solenoid safety valve inside of the control valve in the open position.The ODS safetu valve is a "Spring-Loaded Normally Closed" valve.

The safety valve closes causing the gas supply to the vent-free gas product to be cut off. The appliance shuts down.It is important to understand that the ODS sysytem does not sense carbon monoxide directly.it responds to a reduction of oxygen of oxygen in the area of the appliance.

Solenoid Series

Solenoid Series


3991167, 3964627,SA-4941  12V

3991168, 3964628,SA-4941  24V

3932529, 3939700,SA-4756, SA-4891  12V

3932530, 3939701,SA-4756, SA-4891  24V

3930233;SA-4335  12V

3930234;SA-4335  24V

3928160;SA-4293   12V

3928161;SA-4293  24V

3921978, 3918600;TJG130805  12V

3921980, 3918601;  24V


1751-12E7U1B1S5A;SA-3933, SA-3766T  12V

3864274,SA-3933,SA-3766T 24V

1752ES,RSV,KRT;32A87-15100; 12V

1752ES,RSV,KRT  24V

2848A278;1457906  12V

2848A278;1457906  24V


155-4654  12V

155-4653;3E-7985  24V

6N-9988  12V

6N-9987  24V


3991624;SA-4959  12V

3991625;SA-4959  24V

3991167, 3964627;SA-4941  12V

3991168, 3964628 24V

3991167  12V

3991168  24V

3932529, 3939700;SA-4756, SA-4891  12V

3932530, 3939701 24V


3935457, 3935459 24V

3935649  12V

3935650  24V


2003-12E7U1B1S2A  12V

SA-3838 24V

SA-5174   12V

SA-5174  24V

3906398;SA-3151   12V

3906776;SA-3151  24V


3930233;SA-4335  12V

3930234;SA-4335  24V

3928160;SA-4293  12V

3928161;SA-4293  24V

SA-5030  12V

4063712, 6743-81-9141;SA-5030  24V

3990772;SA-4932  12V

3990773;SA-4932  24V

SA-3933, SA-3766T   12V

3864274,SA-3933,  24V

1751-12E7U1B1S5;SA-3796  12V

1751-24E7U1B1S5;SA-3796  24V


3930235;SA-4348  12V

3930236;  24V

3990770;SA-4931  12V

3990771;  24V


970120012010;TAR130805  24V

3357411   12V


3939018;SA-4889  12V

3939019;SA-4889  24V

3932545;SA-4639  12V

3932546;SA-4639  24V

3287406  12V  24V

4942879;SD-008A2  12V  24V

SA-3665-12,SA-4754-12, 12V

3905691  12V

3970416  24V

3934174;SA-4697  12V

3934177;SA-4697  24V

3913795, 1823724C91;SA-4338  12V

1823723C91;SA-4338  24V

3958160, 3958177;12V

3958176;SA-4978, SA-4878   24V


1756ES-12E3ULB1S1;SA-4813  12V

D59-105-04, 3928219;SA-4813-24,  24V

D59-105-05;1751-2467  12V

D59-105-10  12V 24V

SD-007   12V  24V

D59-105-01  12V 24V

D59-105-12  12V 24V

D59-105-23+A  12V 24V

D59-105-31+A  12V  24V

D59-105-22+A  12V  24V



612600180175  12V 24V

1752ZS-A  12V  24V

612600180008  12V 24V

13026882 12V 24V

612600080681  12V 24V

612600180681  12V  24V

13026697   12V 24V

13034654   12V 24V

13026889   12V 24V


4946639  12V

C4942878, C3415706   24V

SD-005A2  12V  24V

SD-003A2  12V  24V

37Z36-56010A, 3977620  12V  24V

B4002-1115030  12V  24V

232C-1115030;C3415441  12V  24V

3921978  12V

3921980  24V

B4000-1115030  12V  24V

P612-B5V12  12V

05CF24,  24V

6108-1115030  12V  24V

05CF26A  12V  24V

05CF26  12V  24V

37V84A-56010  12V  24V

37V78-56010  12V  24V

F048331000093  12V  24V

F3400-1115100A-275  12V  24V

1752ES-12E7UC3B1S7  12V

1752ES-24E7UC3B1S7  24V

SD-003A3    12V  24V


2001ES, 3924450  12V

2001ES;04225651, 04262377  24V

SA-3765  12V

SA-3765  24V

SA-3800  12V

9883038;SA-3800  24V

3932017;SA-3742, 1751ES RSV  12V


04272734   24V

04287583, 04287116;04287114  12V

04287584   24V

04272956    12V  24V

13026697  12V  24V

13034654  12V  24V

04103808, 04103812  12V  24V

01181663   12V

01181665;01179114  24V


3936026;SA-4767  12V

SA-4767  24V

3354943;961000780024 12V

970120012010;TAR130805  24V

3357411  12V


1752ES;SA-4026, SA-4124  24V

F3HZ-9A594-A;SA-4273  12V

2003ES-24E6UC4B5S2,SA-4273  24V

1751ES-12E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850  12V

1751ES-24E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850  24V

SA-4160;1751ES-12A6UC4B3S1  12V

SA-4160;1751ES-24A6UC4B3S1  24V


3926411;SA-4257  12V

3926412;SA-4257  24V

3924450;2001ES  12V

04225651, 04262377;2001ES  24V

SA-4780;1751ES-12A7UC9B5S5  12V

SA-4780;1751ES-24A7UC9B5S5  24V

897329-5680, 8973295680  12V

897209-1152,8972091152  24V


RE502473  12V

RE502474  24V

119653-77950,119285-77950;SA-4562T, SA-5213  12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S  24V

RE53507  12V  24V

RE53559  12V

RE53560   24V

RE504223, RE54747;1755ES    12V  24V


3932529, 3939700;SA-4756, SA-4891  12V

3932530, 3939701;SA-4756, SA-4891  24V

3935429, 3935431,3939702; 12V

3935430,3935432,3939703;SA-4755, SA-4892  24V

3930233;SA-4335  12V

3930234;SA-4335  24V

3928160;SA-4293  12V


153ES;SA-4269  12V

600-815-7550;SA-4269   24V

119653-77950,119285-77950;SA-4562T, SA-5213  12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S  24V


1503ES-24S5SUC12S  24V


1503ES-12A5UC9S;SA-4561-T, 25-15230-01  12V

1503ES-24A5UC9S  24V

1503ES-12A5UC5S;17454-60010, SA-4569-T  12V

1503ES-24A5UC5S;SA-4567-T  24V

25-38109-05S;SA-5019, SA-5157, 


SA-5176  24V

16271-60010  12V  24V

1C010-60015  12V  24V

17208-60015  12V  24V

1A021-60010,1A021-60013,1A021-60015,  12V  24V

15471-60010;052600-1001  12V  24V

16851-60014;Denso: 052600-4531   12V  24V

1J772-60012  12V  24V

SA-4863  12V  24V


17490-60010;SA-4310  12V

SA-4310  24V

1G820-60022, SA-5156; 12V

1503ES-24A5SUC9SLC24  24V

1A084-60012   12V  24V


1G925-60011;1503ES-12A5UC4S  12V

1503ES-24A5UC4S  24V

1G577-60010,1G577-60011  12V  24V

1J710-60011  12V  24V

6681512  12V  24V

6681513  12V  24V


2001-12E3U1B2S2A;SA-2606-A 12V

2001-24E3U1B2S2A  24V

SA-3933-12, SA-3766T  12V

3864274,SA-3933-24,SA-3766T 24V

153ES;SA-4269  12V

600-815-7550;SA-4269  24V


SA-4148-T, SA-4962;1751-12E7U1B1A  12V

SA-4148T, SA-4962;1751-24E7U1B1A  24V

1751-12E3U1B1SI;SA-3934-T, 1700-3004  12V

1751-24E3U1B1SI;SA-3934-T,1700-2533  24V


3930233;SA-4335  12V

3930234;SA-4335  24V

87801213,87616313, SA-4161 12V

SA-4161  24V

SA-3850  12V

1751ES-24E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850  24V

SA-4160;1751ES-12A6UC4B3S1  12V

SA-4160;1751ES-24A6UC4B3S1  24V

ES1751E  12V

504017345,1223.3594.30;ES1751E  24V


872826;1827650  12V

OE52318;873754  24V

81151144, 881969;872805  28V

3932017;SA-3742, 1751ES RSV  12V

3974947, Z3900107;SA-3742, 1751ES  24V

2848A278;1457906  12V  24V

2848A275,2848A279;SA-4934  12V


1821019C91;2003ES  12V

1821020C91  24V

2848231  12V

2848238;SA-3453T  24V

2848A256   12V  24V

RP2310B  12V

2848A268;RP2309B   24V

2848A281   12V  24V

185206083, 185206085   12V  24V


1751ES-12A3UC12B1S;SA-4673-S  12V

1751ES-24A3UC12B1S;SA-4673-S  24V

SA-3840-T;1753ES-12A3UC5B1S1  12V

1753ES-24A3UC5B1S1  24V


3931196, 3919423;SA-3665,SA-4754,ZSF-3C,  24V

42-100;1500-3076   12V  24V

41-1566, 44-9181;41-9081   12V  24V

44-6544;10-60018-00   12V  24V

44-2823   12V  24V

366-07197;SA-3405T, 1502  12V

366-07198;1502  24V

1502-12C6U1B2S1A;SA-2944T  12V

1502-24C6U1B2S1A;SA-2944T  24V

1504  12V

1504  24V

1502-12C2U1B1S1A  12V

1502-24C2U1B1S1A  24V

1502-12C7U1B2S1;SA-4849  12V

1502-24C7U1B2S1;SA-4849  24V

1502-12C2U1B2;103007AA  12V

1502-24C2U1B2  24V

1504-12A6U1B1S2  12V

1504-24A6U1B1S2  24V

1502-12C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171 12V

1502-24C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171  24V


119653-77950,SA-4562T, SA-5213  12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S  24V

17208-60015   12V  24V

SA-4863   12V  24V

04103808, 04103812   12V  24V

1502-12C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171  12V

1502-24C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171  24V


1756ES-12E3ULB1S5;SA-4735  12V

1756ES-24E3ULB1S5;SA-4735  24V

1751ES-12A3ULB1S1A  12V

1751ES-24A3ULB1S1A  24V

237100;ED340000  12V

237101;ED460000  24V

501041   12V  24V

1700-2526;1751-12A2U1B1S1A  12V

1751-24A2U1B1S1A  24V

1751ES-12E3ULB1S5  12V

1700-1519;1751ES-24E3ULB1S5  24V

SA-4818;1752ES-12E7UC3B1S1,SA-4888  12V

SA-4818, SA-4888; 24V

EFS-1756SP-12E2UC4B1;06-45344-000  12V

1756SP-24E2UC4B1  24V

SA-4532;2003ES   12V  24V

SA-4778;2003-12E3U1B1S1A  12V

SA-4778;2003-24E3U1B1S1A   24V

SA-4752  12V

SA-4752  24V

2001-12F2U1B2A;SA-2774-A   12V

2001-24F2U1B2A  24V


SA-3999, SA-4014;1752ES RSV  12V

SA-3999, SA-4014;1752ES RSV  24V

1751 - 12E2U1B1;SA-4984  12V

1751 - 24E2U1B1  24V

332/J5060, 716/30091;110339541,  12V  24V

264315200113;S620666, 14030801   12V

187153, 11013111  24V

1753ES, 1700-4069;8973737622   12V  24V

SA-4741;1510S-12A6ULBS  12V

1510S-24A6ULBS   24V

RP2307B  12V

RP2308B  24V

5-81900-008-01;MA4-114      12V  24V


The production of injection molded electronics always takes electronic parts into account. It is mainly used for electronics, chemicals, aerospace, automobile, and other industries
Our electronic parts are constantly updated to follow the trend. The product has an improved tensile strength
electronic parts produced by Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited are mainly characterized by their electronic parts. Because of the high-quality glass melting process and molding process, it enjoys high strength
The material of injection molded electronics allows injection molded electronics to make itself injection molded electronics. The product has many advantages like leakage resistance
The special composition of electronic parts makes it obtain good performance of injection molded electronics. It has the ability to resist acid, alkali and other media
Our injection molded electronics not only has excellent quality, but also has an affordable price, and the overall cost performance is relatively high.
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