Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited was found in 1995

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automotive plastic parts automotive for merchant Euromicron Mould

automotive plastic parts automotive for merchant Euromicron Mould

Product Name
Seat belt buckle
Product size
Cycle time
Company Advantages
1. With the advanced equipment, Euromicron Mould automotive plastic parts is manufactured in a high efficient manner. The product goes through several inspections before delivery with defects removed
2. With high quality auto parts fair and excellent service, Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited has been recognized and supported by customers at home and abroad. Supported by the world-class manufacturing management system, it is of stable quality
3. The product features bendability. The materials used in it are soft enough with strong tensile strength, which makes it easily bendable. The pattern and color of the product can be changed during production

◇◆ Product Features

According to customer's requirement, the mold was designed into 4 cavities mold. It was cooled by cold water. The part was foldable box. The concave shape of the cover was designed in the cavity side of the mold. In that case, the cover was easy to stick in the cavity side when opening the mold. The part should be damaged and deformed.

To solve the problem, we designed a ejecting system in the cavity side of the mold. The ejecting system was actuated by two hydraulic cylinder. In this way, the cavity side was too thick. And the sprue was very long. It was bad for injecting. The cycle time of production increased. And more plastic material was wasted. The cost was increased a lot. So we suggest customer to add a hot runner system in the mold.

The tip gate of the hot nozzle was directly on the part. So no plastic material was wasted on the cold runner and the cycle time was short. It was about 38 seconds. The link connected cover and frame, which's thickness was very critic. If it too thick, it was hard and very difficult to fold it. If it was too thin, it was difficult to fill full when injecting. And it was easy to break during in use. Also its lifetime was short. It can't meet the requirement of the part.

To reach it, we adjusted the dimension of the link and did trail three times. Through continuous optimization, it worked very well finally. The mold was delivered to customer on time. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of the mold.

Company Features
1. Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited is a highly competitive manufacturer and supplier of auto parts fair . Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited has its own large-scale factory and R&D team.
2. car body molding are easy to be used for the installation of automotive plastic parts .
3. Euromicron Mould has enough capability to produce automotive plastics with products made by injection moulding . Euromicron Mould Engineering Limited seeks to structure injection moulding manufacturers as its service creed. Please contact us!
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